About Us

A cross-disciplinary research lab dedicated to identifying and solving key questions in virus-host interactions, cancer, and evolution using quantitative biology and big data science approaches followed by targeted experimental studies.

Dr. Ebrahimi and Rachael Springman Rodrigue working in lab

Rachael Springman Rodriguez working in lab

About Our Research

Dr. Ebrahimi leads a cross-disciplinary quantitative biology program that combines data and expertise across multiple quantitative and experimental science disciplines such a genetics, virology, cancer, evolution, bioinformatics, mathematics, and statistics to develop and test novel hypotheses.

Current studies in Dr. Ebrahimi’s lab focus on identification and quantification of mutational processes in viral immunity, cancer and evolution.

Delineate genetic and mechanistic basis of antiviral and anticancer immunity – Why do the rate and severity of infectious diseases and cancer vary in different human populations? What are the viral and host contributing factors?

Develop quantitative biology methods and tools to deconvolute complex biological processes – What are the sources of cancer mutations and gene expression variation in cancer? How many dysregulated processes are present in a given tumor tissue biopsy? Is viral infection a player in cancer initiation and/or evolution?

Characterize the evolution of the immune interactome - What immune interactions are conserved between humans and non-human primate model organisms? Is conservation a predictor of clinical pathology and/or cross-species transmission?