Publications by Year: 2013


Yang, Lanhao, Tejas Sinha, Tracy K Carlson, Tracy L Keiser, Jordi B Torrelles, and Larry S Schlesinger. (2013) 2013. “Changes in the Major Cell Envelope Components of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis During in Vitro Growth”. Glycobiology 23 (8): 926-34.

One-third of the world's population is infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.tb), which causes tuberculosis. Mycobacterium tuberculosis cell envelope components such as glycolipids, lipoglycans and polysaccharides play important roles in bacteria-host cell interactions that dictate the host immune response. However, little is known about the changes in the amounts and types of these cell envelope components as the bacillus divides during in vitro culture. To shed light on these phenomena, we examined growth-dependent changes over time in major cell envelope components of virulent M.tb by using sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, thin-layer chromatography, mass spectrometry, immunoblotting and flow cytometry. Our studies provide evidence that major mannosylated glycoconjugates on the M.tb cell envelope change as M.tb grows in vitro on the widely used Middlebrook 7H11 agar. In particular, our compositional analyses show that from Day 9 to 28 the amounts of mannose-containing molecules, such as mannose-capped lipoarabinomannan, lipomannan and phosphatidyl-myo-inositol mannosides, change continuously in both the cell envelope and outer cell surface. Along with these changes, mannan levels on the outer cell surface also increase significantly over time. The implications of these differences in terms of how M.tb is grown for studies performed in vitro and in vivo for assessing M.tb-host recognition and establishment of infection are discussed.