Our Team

The Torrelles Laboratory is a unique environment for anyone engaging multiple aspects in infectious diseases research. Dr. Torrelles is a very passionate researcher and dedicated mentor that highly values collaboration and networking, with ties to academia, government, and industry research. With close collaborators in four different continents, our laboratory is always engaged in international research, creating unique opportunities for its members. The wide range of expertise in the laboratory (microbiology, biochemistry, genomics, cell biology, immunology) also provides unique opportunities for anyone, from undergraduate and graduate students looking to excel in their next steps of biomedical research careers to postdoctoral fellows and senior researchers looking for new research avenues in the field of respiratory infectious diseases. Additionally, our laboratory counts with exceptional resources, with access to state-of-the-art animal BSL3 facilities associated to one of the world’s largest non-human primate facilities, and large rodent vivarium with expertise in several species, together with access to high-end instrumentation.